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Astro & Vaastu Consultant

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Acharya Anupam Jolly “Maitreya” is a much acclaimed astrologer practicing Vedic Astrology. Being a native of Jaipur, India, the hub of this ancient learning, he got attracted to this science at a very young age when he had barely finished his schooling. Even before undertaking any professional course in Jyotish, he had already read many ancient manuscripts on the subject, such as “Brhatparasara Horosastra” and “Samarangana Sutradhara”. Later on, his passion for the subject drew him into undergoing every possible curriculum available on the subject, each time passing out with distinctions.

The distinguishing quality of Anupam’s grip on the subject is that he likes to interpret astrology in scientific perspective rather than the traditional views that are still being practiced by the majority of astrologers. Himself a science student at the university level, such is his perspicacity on the subject that he has an appeal for the rationally minded and believers alike.

Anupam believes that nature has bestowed the sixth sense on every individual. To peep into the future, one needs to harness this ability as an art by being more sensitive and intuitive and then have frontage on the Vedic astrology as a science.

For more than a decade now, he has devoted his life to spread this sacred learning through research, teaching and counselling. His services in the field have earned him recognition and honours from all the top astrological institutes in the country.

Towards the goal of disseminating this fast disappearing sacred knowledge, “Acharya Maitreya” has founded Acharya Maitreya Astro Academy. Many reputed astrologers are coming together under the umbrella of this academy to keep this inheritance from ancient sages of India alive. The website of this academy is www.amastroacademy.com

However, much beyond only disseminating knowledge, his dream is to make the benefits of this ancient system available to masses. He says- “Astrology has lost its sheen not because of growing science but due to existence of fraudsters in this field. The only way to restore faith is to promote authentic knowledge and root out the imposters”. Towards this end, he intends to soon set up “astro customer care helpline” where certified online astrologers would provide instant interpretations, remedies and solutions at a nominal fee. A website, www.asrtroccc.com has been set up to carry this mission forward.

Besides astrology, Vastushastra, the Vedic architectural principals, is another field Acharya Anupam is passionate about. Many individuals and corporate houses have benefitted from his deep insight into the subject.

An Interview with Anupam Jolly


Tarot Counsellor

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Dr. Himani J

Dr. Himani J is a well known name in astro counselling field. She is in Tarot from 1995. Her experience and results are very satisfactory from last many years. She has got very strong intuition power by birth. She gives minimum two hours daily in meditation and in sadhna.

From Last few years she is writing weekly prediction for Rajasthan Patrika on their humble request every Friday.

Her research work is regularly coming in the same leading newspaper on every Sunday.

She is doing research on Tarot. Himani J want to prove that Tarot is originated by India only.

Many exhibitions like “Nakshatra” she has attended.

She has awarded by “Rotary Club” Jaipur. Because of her rewarded work in Tarot counselling. Many domestic clubs like Subham, Soni, Astha, Sangini awarded her.

As a pranic healer she has the power to solve out your any problems, either it is physical or social. She is specially working on relationship problem through healing.

Rudraksh therapy is very rare in world. Very few people know the secret of it. Himani J claims that all around the world she can does very good Rudraksh therapy. From Rudraksh therapy she can give you the best treatments of your problems.